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Investigating the influence of job rotation on performance by considering skill variation and job satisfaction of bank employees

Shahin Rasouli Saravani ; Department of Agricultural Management, Rasht Branch, Islamic Azad University, Rasht, Iran
Badri Abbasi ; Department of human resources management, Astara Branch, Islamic Azad University, Astara, Iran

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Nowadays, optimal performance of organizations requires human resource development policies. Since human resources are considered as the most valuable factor of production, the most important capital and a major source of competitive advantage and essential competencies of organizations, the most effective means to achieve competitive advantage in the current environment is to improve efficiency of employees. Job rotation is the most important approach of job design as well as human capital development policies which has the potential to improve job satisfaction and increase capabilities in employees. Thus, present study attempts to study the effects of job rotation patterns on the performance of employees in Keshavarzi Banks of Gilan considering the skill diversity and job satisfaction and providing effective guidelines to enable managers to lead the organization toward a better future by desired policies. Statistical population consists of 218 employees from 30 branches of Keshavarzi Bank in three south, centre, east and west districts. The sample size was 137 estimated by Cochran formula. Hence, LISREL software was used to test the relationship between job rotation and performance by mediating the role of skill variation and job satisfaction by modelling structure equations. The results show that job performance is not directly influenced by job rotation. Job rotation positively influences job performance mediated by job satisfaction and skill variation.

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job rotation, job satisfaction, job performance, skill variation, job design

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