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Numerical simulation and optimization of the casting process of a cast-steel wheel

Guofa Mi ; Henan Polytechnic University
Changyun Li
Yanlei Liu
Bin Zhang
Guoxiang Song

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The mechanism of formation and the regularity of shrinkage distributionin a cast-steel wheel were simulated by computer methods. SolidWorks softwarepackage was used to produce a three-dimensional model of the cast parts, and Experto ViewCastsoftware package was employed to simulate the casting process. The simulatedresults show that the mold filling was smooth and thus no splashing occurred. However, shrinkage and porosityappeared at the transition phase between the wheel-rim and web during the process of solidification. The reason for that isthe imperfect solidification sequence. The fast cooling rate in the final thin web position led to the block of feeding channel at the transition area. The foundry technique was improved successfully by computer-aided methods.The volume of shrinkage was reduced by applying an insulating material, which made thecastings solidify progressively as designed. The performance of the wheel produced by the improved technology agreed very well with the technical requirements.

Ključne riječi

cast-steel wheel; solidification simulation; foundry technique; heat insulating material

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