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Surface characteristics of a cobalt chromium alloy resulting from a range of electrolytic polishing conditions

Dragan Stamenković ; Klinika za stomatološku protetiku Stomatološkog fakulteta Univerziteta u Beogradu, Beograd, Srbija
E.H. Davies ; Odelenje za stomatološke materijale Instituta za stomatologiju Univerziteta u Londonu

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Electrolytic polishing of dentures cast in cobalt-chromium is a very important stage in the production of removable partial dentures. The quality of the mechanically polished surfaces of the framework is further improved by this process. Variations in the electrolytic polishing process affect the standard of surface polish obtained. This is of great significance in the retention of dental plaque. Consequently roughness and insufficient polishing must be avoided. The aim of the study was to determine the conditions of electrolytic polishing that will produce the smoothest polished surface on a dental cobalt-chromium alloy. The alloy used in the inevetigation was »Galenika« 16 test pieces of this alloy, cast at the same time, were polished electrolytically depending on the following conditions: composition of the electrolyte, duration of electrolytic polishing, voltage, current density and distance between the electrodes. The surfaces of electrolytically polished test pieces were examined using a metallurgical microscope. The topography of the surfaces was defined with a surfometer. The contact angle to wetting of saliva on the test piece was also measured. Resulting from this investigation, the following proceedure is recommended: Electrolyte — cobalt-chromium polishing fluid »Krupp«. Distance between electrodes — 35 mm, Potential — 15 volts. Current density — 80 Amps/m2. Duration of electrolytic polishing — 2x5 minutes.

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Cobalt-chromium alloy, electrolytic polishing

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