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Oral rehabilitation of unilateral cleft in leter age

Ivo Miše ; Zavod za oralnu kirurgiju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb
Jadranka Štefanac ; Zavod za ortodonciju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb

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The authors present a case of a 75 year old female patient with complete unilateral cleft comprising the lip, the alveolar ridge and hard and soft palate. At the age of 14 years only the cleft lip was surgically treated. The patient had a prosthesis with an annex reaching partially to the cleft. The annex was made out of hard acrylate according to the principle of solid retention. Due to this, the prosthesis was falling down during function, hampering speech and eating. Then, a prosthesis with elastic retentive prolongation was made out of semi-hard acrylate according to the principle of elastic retentive prolongation of resection prosthesis. The retentive prolongation uses the places in the cleft cavities for the retention of prosthesis, which makes the prosthesis stabile and functional. The following up of the patient during two years after the prosthetic rehabilitation has shown that the rehabilitation is successful. The retention of prosthesis is stabile, nasal speech is more comprehensible, mastication and swallowing of food is within normal

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