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Typology of Discharge Regimes of Rivers in Croatia

Ivan Čanjevac orcid id ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet, Geografski odsjek, Zagreb

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This article first gives the modern typology of discharge regimes of rivers in Croatia. In the first part, an overview of the methodology and results of previous classifications and typologies of rivers in Croatia and in the world is given. In the second part, results of the classification of 76 discharge regimes of 51 rivers in Croatia for the period 1990-2009 are presented. Discharge regimes were determined using module (Pardé) coefficients and after that discharge curves where classified using the cluster method. In the clustering, the hierarchical Ward Method was used in combination with Manhattan distance and checked with the non-hierarchical K-means method. The analysis resulted in 7 types of discharg regimes in Croatia: 1) Alpine nival-pluvial regime, 2) Dinaric pluvial-nival regime, 3) Peripannonian pluvial-nival regime, 4) Pannonian pluvial-nival regime, 5) Pannonian pluvial regime, 6) Mediterranean pluvial-nival, and 7) Mediterranean pluvial regime. Each type was described. The number and distribution of types shows the great variety in the discharge regimes of rivers in Croatia. This is a result of distribution and interaction of natural-geographic elements and, in some cases, a consequence of human interventions. Results should be the ground point for quality presentations, analyses and sustainable management of rivers in Croatia.

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discharge regime, typology, cluster analyses, Croatia, hydrogeography, hydrology

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