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Clinical experiences in the use of composite materials

Juraj Hraste ; OOUR Stomatološka zaštita Stomatološka poliklinika, Rijeka, Jugoslavija

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The steady increase in the application of composite material in the dental practice puts the dentist in a situation in which it is very difficult to chose the brand and the clinical application of these composite materials. The author suggests that after an analysis of the positive and negative properties of composite materials the following points have to be taken into consideration:
1) the manner in which the selection of composite material is to be made with regard to its structure, properties, indications and preparatory procedures before application;
2) which procedure is to be applied and what points have to be carefully considered in the clinical application of composite materials in view of the indications in different dental disciplines;
3) it is necessary to note the possible negative points seen during and especially after applying composite materials on the teeth.
On the basis of his own experiences the author prefers composite materials in capsules, of indefinite duration and at a reasonable price (Compocap) in addition to other positive properties. He does not, however, exclude the possibility of using other types of composite materials under the condition that indications are strictly followed and taking into account the negative and positive properties of the individual material.

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