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[Analysis of metal consumption in the manufacture of cast superstructures]

Ivo Baučić ; Zavod za fiksnu protetiku Stomatološkog fakulteta u Zagrebu
Adnan Ćatović ; Zavod za fiksnu protetiku Stomatološkog fakulteta u Zagrebu
Zvonimir Kosovel ; Zavod za fiksnu protetiku Stomatološkog fakulteta u Zagrebu

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In the stomatological routine, treated teeth of the damaged clinical
crowns are frequently inserted into a fixed prosthetic appliances, supported by both a cast superstructure and the remaining part of the clinical crown preserved.The aim of this work was to study the relative amount of the palladium-silver alloy consumed during the construction of this type of appliance, in relation to age and type of teeth. The amounts of a isernnprecious (palladium-silver) and precious (20 ct gold and 18 + 8 platinum-gold) alloys consumed during manufacture of identical volumes of appliances were assessed and compared using the expression for known volume mass. The study was carried out in 900 teeth with superstructures in both jaws of patients of all age groups. Casting of the superstructure was made by means of wax and acrylate using the direct method, i.e. im the patient’s mouth, whereas the cast weigh was determined using a precise balance. The results obtained have shown the mean weight of superstructures cast from the palladium-silver alloy to range from 0,77 g on lower incisors
to 2,66 g on upper molars. In males, the supersturctures weighed 0,10— 0,20 g more than in females for the same teeth. Mathematical analysis has revealed that a 60% higher amount of precious alloys compared to semi-precious ones has to be consumed for the same volumes of superstructures.

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Caist superstructure, metal consumption, semi-precious and precious alloys

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