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Interdependence of the effect of some components of nutrition and combined stress on the periodontium of albino rats

Milutin Dobrenić ; Zavod za bolesti usta Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb

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The results of experiments with the application of combined stress on albino rats fed by polyvalent laboratory, respectively bivalent experimental food led us to draw the following conclusions: 1. The microscopical appearance of the periodontium in rats not submitted to stress and fed by polyvalent food — was normal, while the periodontium of rats fed by bivalent food showed certain changes deviating from the normal appearance. 2. Microscopical changes were found in the periodontium of a group of rats submitted to siress regardless of the type of food they had been given. These changes were proportionately less obvious in the group of rats fed with bivalent food and ought to be ascribed to the high-value ingredients in the bivalent food used. 3. The results obtained point to the necessity for further investigation of the inhibitory effect of individual components of food on the consequences of stress in the periodontal tissues.

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