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[Disharmonies in occlusion and their possible effect upon the parodont]

Zvonimir Kosovel ; Zavod za fiksnu protetiku Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb

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str. 31-43

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This paper deals with the significance and the possibilities af an adequate application of contemporary diagnostical methods for oral rehabilitation in the daily practice. The author discusses special application of these methods and concludes that above ali these are disorders and disturbances in the dynamics of the mastioating system with manifest or concealed changes in the temporomandibular joint. He moreover states that the exsistence of obvious defects or of those not easily detect^ble by a super-ficial examination in the set of genu.ine or artificial teeth, as well as anomalies of th§morphology of occlusional surfaces even in a normal position of the teeth require the deviation from the normal function to be registred by means of contemporary diagnostical methods. These same methods may render valuable information in the sphere of problems not yet completely solved in some cases of border indications between a partial mobile or a fixed prosthesis.

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