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Observations upon acrylic - ceramic filling materials

Dinko Blažić ; Zavod za dentalnu patologiju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb
A. Ćurčić ; Zavod za dentalnu patologiju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb

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Introducing their paper the authors express the need of replacing silicate fillings with new filling materials as silicate has a rather temporary character. Out of the new compound materials the authors aim was to compare and evaluate TD 71 with silicate cement Achatit biochromatic.On various 366 fillings in 180 patients with approximal and cervical cavities, the colour stability, discoloration, surface contour and marginal adaptation was checked. Controls of the filings had been undertaken after 6 and 10 months. Based on their observations the authors conclude that TD 71, the new compound material for filling front teeth deserves special attention as it represents a good alternative for silicate cements, especially in the sour environments of the oral cavity. TD 71 satisfies the cosmetic appearence, has colour stability with good adherance to the cavity walls and with a phosphate cement lining does not endanger the pulp.

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