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Retention with pneumatic tags

Ivo Miše ; Zavod za oralnu kirurgiju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb

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str. 134-141

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The problem of retaining the epithesis and the prosthesis after resection has for the most part still remained an open problem. Not only the dynamics of the function are in question, but also the dynamics of splitting the tissue and of different tissues too, accordingly a number of dynamic components out of which practically no results can be achieved. Therefore rigid retaining is in a number of cases too static and inadaptible to circumstances which are almost constantly changing. To make the problem even more difficult, many dental surgeons do not realize that after resection a prosthesis must be made before locked jaw developes. Also anchorage of the epithesis presents a problem difficult to handle if we do not use spectacles for retention and these again are a por retainer. The author has therefore set himself the task of making a prosthesis for cases where there are no teeth for the anchorage of the prosthesis, when the resection cavity for the greater part is not surrounded by bony tissue and when there is ankylostoma. Finally, also to eliminate in a number of cases spectacles to be used to retain the epithesis. The author achieved this by manufacturing elastic retainers. In the first case by inserting a wire skeleton into a balloon the air pressure is guided and thus the prosthesis is retained. In the second case a hollow retention ending is used which is built-in into the balloon. Openings ieading towards the sites underlying the resection cavity are made on the hollow ending. By blowing up the balloon arms are formed which support the sites underlying and in this way the prosthesis respectively the epithesis is retained. The author explains the manner of manufacturing such epitheses and resection prostheses. A total of 30 cases were treated in this way, out of which 20 were resection prostheses and 10 epitheses. The results were excellent. The prosthesis respectively the epithesis retains well, is easily removable and easy to replace and there were no decubital lesions.

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