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Service of Process Pursuant to Macedonian Law on Litigation Procedure and its Amendments

Arsen Janevski ; Pravni fakultet Justinijan Prvi Sveučilišta svetih Ćirila i Metoda, Skopje, Makedonija

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This paper analyzes some issues concerning service of process in Macedonian civil litigation. First, service of process according to 2005 Law on Litigation Procedure and its amendments are presented and contrasted to the Law on Litigation Procedure of 1998. Further, new provisions on service of process under 2008 and 2010 amendments are outlined. The paper attempts to define the notion, meaning and grounds for service of process, as well as the means to perform service of process. The service per post, by a notary public, by an enforcement agent, through postal box and by electronic means are described. The issue of time and place of service, the service of process to legal persons and individuals who perform registered activity, the service to individuals, the common and personal service, the service by notice, the representative for receiving letters, the rejection of reception and the service receipt document are particular points of interest. In conclusion, the author presents some suggestions and proposals for improvement of legislation with a view to contribute to acceleration of civil litigation.

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service of process, public notary, enforcement agent, enforcement officer, postal delivery, electronic delivery of communications

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