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Microstructural evolution of the coexistence for spinodal decomposition and ordering in Fe-23Al alloy during aging

Zhonghong Lai
Fei Li
Rongda Zhao
Jingchuan Zhu
BaoYou Zhang

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str. 173-178

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The microstructural evolution of the coexistence ofspinodal decomposition and ordering ischaracterized by metallographic microscopy andtransmission electron microscopy in aged Fe-23Al(i.e. Fe-23at%Al) alloy. This paper discusses aphase transition mechanism of the microstructureevolution. The obtained results indicate that the asquenchedFe-23Al alloys with equiaxed grain sizeof about 500μm comprise two kinds of the orderedphase in nano-scale, i.e., B2-FeAl and DO3-Fe 3Alphases. The average size of B2-FeAl orderingphases is about 15nm, while the size of DO3-Fe 3Alordering phases is extreme fine in the as- quenchedFe-23Al alloys. The as-quenched Fe-23Al alloypresents characteristics of the coexistence ofspinodal decomposition and ordering during thesubsequent age ing at 565°C and 520°C. Thedomain size of B2-FeAl ordered phase rapidlyincreases while the one of DO3-Fe 3Al orderedphase slowly develops with the increase in agingtime/with increased ageing time. A conclusion isreached that the coarsening process of both B2-FeAl and DO3-Fe 3Al ordered phase is controlledby the spinodal decomposition mechanism.

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Fe-23Al alloy, aging, spinodal decomposition, ordering

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