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Anthropometric design of furniture for use in tertiary institutions in Abeokuta, South-western Nigeria

Salami O Ismaila
Adekunle I Musa
Samuel B Adejuyigbe
Olukayode D Akinyemi

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Students sit for most of the time on school furniturein the classroom. However, the design of schoolfurniture in Nigeria using the anthropometric dataof the users has yet to be given adequate attention.This study was carried out to obtainanthropometric data of students in higherinstitutions of learning in Nigeria for the design ofergonomics chairs and tables for use by students inthose institutions. Seven hundred and twenty (720)students in three selected institutions participatedin the study. Various body dimensions (sittingelbow height, shoulder height, knee height,popliteal height, buttock-popliteal length, statureand body weight) of the students were measuredusing standard anthropometer and 5 th, 50th, and95 th percentiles of the data obtained werecomputed using a SPSS 16.0 statistical package.The existing furniture dimensions in the selectedinstitutions were also measured. Based on theobtained anthropometric data, this paper proposesfurniture design dimensions for seat height, seatdepth, seat width, backrest height (upper), armrestand desk height for students in the selected tertiaryinstitutions. The present study may be a pointer tothe effect that in the design of tables and chairs foruse in higher institutions, the anthropometric dataof the Nigerian students were not considered. It ishereby recommended that similar study should becarried out in other sections of the country.

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anthropometry; chairs; tables; school; Nigeria

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