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The Accent of Masculine O-Stems in the Dialect of Komazini

Perina Vukša Nahod orcid id ; Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Neo-Štokavian dialects preserve the inherited Proto-Slavic accent paradigms relatively well. The paper discusses the accentuation of the masculine o-stems in the Neo-Štokavian dialect of Komazini and describes the changes that occurred in the accent paradigms (a. p.). It presents many examples of masculine o-stems obtained through field research. There are examples of a shift of certain nouns from a. p. A to a. p. B, but no secondary accentual changes in the plural paradigms have been observed. Old stative paradigms, accentual mobility, and accentual shifts to proclitics are all well preserved in a. p. C, as are plural forms with the accent on the first syllable. Most of the a. p. B nouns have adopted the accentuation of a. p. C in the plural, while the opposite influence is not attested, and a. p. A is minimally affected. Finally, examples of a possible synchronic a. p. D have been found.

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Komazini; accentuation; o-stems; Neo-Štokavian

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