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Blessed Ivan Merz – Educator of Youth in the Faith. The Methodology of Education in the Faith

Božidar Nagy ; Filozofski fakultet Družbe Isusove, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 345-353

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Bl. Ivan Merz, as St. Paul, profoundly experienced the mystery of the Church. The Church was not only one the goals of his apostolic work, rather, he fully aquired the methodology which the Church uses in carrying out it's salvational ministry. Bl. Ivan accepted all of the methods and means which the Church uses and recommends in working with youth; more so, he enrichens them with his own creativity and initiatives. The methods that he practiced were primarily formation for the apostolate which included the spiritual life, an important component for every apostolate. Furthermore, living the liturgical life and promoting the principles of the Catholic Action. Bl. Ivan outlined his concrete methodological principles in his article Sticanje podmlatka. He also emphasizes the importance of reading catholic literature and the pedagogy of every encounter, that is, bl. Ivan utilizes every means and especially every contact with one's neighbor to bring that person closer to God, the truths of the faith and to a life of faith.

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method, methodology, the apostolate, apostle, the Church, spiritual life, liturgy, Catholic Action, Catholic media, encounter, chastity, role models, the year of the eagle, catholic organizations

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