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The Adriatic Naval Squadron (1645-1669): Defense of the Adriatic during the War for Crete

Domagoj Madunić

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The main research subjects of this study are: (1) the naval force under the command of the Governor-general of Dalmatia and Albania, in this paper referred to as the Adriatic squadron, and (2) the problems of organization of defense of the Adriatic during the
War for Crete (1645-1669). More precisely, this article deals with the operational tasks assigned to the Adriatic squadron during this war, its composition, governance, administration and main logistics problems related to keeping this force operational in an armed conflict lasting for more than 20 years. Furthermore, the essay also addresses the
question of the strategic importance of Adriatic for the Venetian Republic in case of war in the Levant, and it argues that the rulers of the Republic were clearly aware of the threat that the loss of control over the sea lanes of communication in the Adriatic would have for the overall Venetian war effort and consequently committed significant naval forces to the Adriatic theater of operations.

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Republic of Venice; War for Crete; Ottoman Empire; New Military History; Adriatic; naval warfare; Early Modern Period; Galleys; Barche Armate; Fuste; Galeotte

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