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Neurological and psychiatric symptoms as manifestations of gluten enteropathy - case report

Irena Gašparić ; Opća županijska bolnica Požega, Odjel neurologije
Ivan Barišić ; Opća županijska bolnica Požega, Odjel kardiologije
Sandra Gašparić ; Opća županijska bolnica Požega, Odjel za patologiju

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str. 227-232

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Gluten enteropathy is a chronic, autoimmune disease accompanied with numerous somatic manifestations as a consequence of malabsorption disorder and not very frequent neurological and
psychiatric disorders. We have shown a case report of a patient with earlier verified celiac disease and autoimmune thyroiditis, aenemia and undergone stroke. The patient was admitted at the Department of Neurology due to electrolytic imbalance resulting from gastrointestinal electrolyte loss. The evaluation showed polyneuropathy, multiple cognitive disorders and an earlier presence of depression and anxiety. Our aim is to emphasize that gluten free diet regime does not completely prevent the occurrence of
malabsorption complications in celiac disease. Therapy performance and a gluten free diet cannot further prevent some complications of this disease.

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celiac disease, cognitive impairment, epileptic seizure, stroke

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