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Problem of the International Regulation of Carriage of Goods by Sea : A Proposal of the Unification

Ivo Grabovac ; Split
Dragan Bolanča ; Split

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The fact that some states are bound by the Hague-Visby Rules (or, either the Hague or the Visby Rules, the Protocol 1979 must be take into consideration, too), and the other states are ready to apply the Hamburg Rules, or other combination with the Hague-Visby Rules, does not contribute to the unification of maritime law in the field of carriage of goods, There is the view that the unification of the carriage of goods by the sea would be best promoted by a modern conception of a new convention which would on the basis of past experience serve the interests of both the vessel and the cargo in the optimum way. It is for the purposes of such unification that this paper seeks to find common solutions, i.e. the same or similar legal regulations in both international conventions. However, considerable differences in solutions are also evident, and the Hamburg Rules contain provisions which regulate entirely new relations. The authors expound the work of International Maritime Committee (Comité Maritime International - CMI ) and the various opinions of the National Member Associations. Finally, many various comparatively legal solutions are represented.

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carriage of goods by sea; unification of international regulation;

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