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Causes and consequences of the Amendments to STCW Convention, 1978

Željko Kiperaš ; MPPV, Zagreb

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This paper gives a short review of the main reasons for the amendments to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers 1978 (STCW), as well as its effects. The first part of the article gives a short overview of the background and the main reasons for the adoption of the said amendments to the Convention. The second part of the paper gives an analysis of some new essential provisions resulting in obligations for the Parties of the Convention. In particular the author comments new provisions with special reference to its implementation within maritime administrations, MET (maritime education and training) institutions and shipping companies, as well as the implementation of the amendments to the Convention in the Republic of Croatia. The paper expresses the author's critical view on certain new provisions particularly in respect of so-called ''white list'' which don't allow any subsequent changes in its content. The author also suggests that the new amendments to the STCW Convention, referring to the said issue, are essential in order to provide integrity and credibility of the STCW Convention in a longer period.

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STCW Convention (1978); seafarers - maritime education and training;

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