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Quality of educational services in the field of Project management

Zlatko Barilović
Mirna Leko Šimić
Helena Štimac

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The growth and development of any business system depends on effectively and successfully implemented
projects. Considering that the number of projects worldwide has been constantly increasing, developing
project skills in individuals which will be involved in a project is of crucial importance. In the Republic of
Croatia, the number of institutions offering education programmes in project management has been steadily growing. Each of these institutions will have to build its competitiveness on the marketing concept.
Lately, the quality of educational services has been recognized as an increasingly important element of marketing. One of the education programmes in the field of project management in Croatia is the Specialist Graduate Professional Study Programme in Project Management offered at the Baltazar Adam Krčelić College of Business and Management in Zaprešić. In this paper the authors examine the competitiveness of
the above education programme through a survey on the quality of educational service conducted in 2012
with a sample of 202 students with the aim of further defining the guidelines for improvement of its market

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project management, marketing orientation, marketing in education, quality of educational services, Specialist Graduate Professional Study Programme in Project Management

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