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Mapping cracking pattern of masonry wall panel based on two-step criterion for matching zone similarity

Huang Yanxia ; Harbin Institute of Technology
Zhang Yu ; Harbin Institute of Technology
Wang Fenglai ; Harbin Institute of Technology
Zhou Guangchun ; Harbin Institute of Technology

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This paper puts forward an innovative criterion in
the cellar automata (CA) technique for both
matching zone similarity and mapping failure
pattern of masonry wall panel. The criterion
proposed in this paper is a two-step matching
method. Firstly, calculate the state values of the
cells in the base and unseen panels using the CA
technique. Then, the first step of the criterion is to
take a cell and its eight neighbourhoods as a data
block and choose all the best-match blocks within
the base panel corresponding to a data block
within the unseen panel, according to a proposed
minimum risk principle. Finally, map cracking
patterns of unseen panels use the criterion for
mapping cracking pattern. The cracking patterns of
unseen panels are mapped using the tested
cracking patterns of several simply-supported base
panels and the methods developed above. The
mapped results are verified by the corresponding
experimental results. The proposed criterion for
matching zone similarity can greatly improve the
existing CA technique for mapping the cracking
pattern of an unseen panel; particularly, the
convergence of the improved CA technique obtains
a great improvement. Also, this mapping task is
realized on the basis of the fine CA cell lattices of
the panels, using the proposed method.

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criterion, cracking pattern, zone similarity, second match, map, cellular automata (CA)

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