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Urbanization processes in Syria during Early Bronze Age

Eva Katarina Glazer

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Th is paper focuses on the urbanization processes in Syria during the Early Bronze Age, providing an overview based on the example of several Syrian cities. While ancient cities are known from both ancient literature and archaeological remains, the actual process of their formation has been the subject of intense interest and debate. Th e author has chosen three representative cities, Tell Halawa A and B, Tell es Sweyhat and Selenkahiye to demonstrate the urbanization
processes that occurred during the Early Bronze Age period. Th e author refers mostly to archaeological reports but also makes use of an interdisciplinary approach including architectural analysis (monumental architecture can be important for reconstructing levels of social complexity), settlement planning (which also provides valuable insights into social structure), ecology (human
interactions with the environment can provide insight into social complexity), and anthropology (which provides many models for integrating data from previous disciplines into viable reconstructions of social constructs that are necessary for understanding the rise of cities). Using comparative analysis as a primary methodological tool the author has described the urban characteristics of these cities and provided a theoretical model for Syrian urbanization.

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Syria; urbanization; urban centre; Early Bronze Age

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