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The foundation of the nunnery of St Catherine of Siena in Dubrovnik

Minela Fulurija

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This essay uses the hitherto unexplored archival fund Regularium et Monialium of the Diocesan Ordinariate in Dubrovnik to show when and with what funding the Dominican Monastery of St Catherine of Siena was established in Dubrovnik. The monastery was erected on the former site of the nunnery of St Peter, one of eight nunneries in existence in Dubrovnik before the 1667 earthquake. The earthquake destroyed entirely or partially all nunneries, along with many other buildings. The convent of St Catherine was established following the reconstruction of two largest nunneries, of St Claire and St Mary of Castle. The means for the construction and later support and maintenance of the convent were bequeathed by the rich merchant Miho Mioša as early as the late sixteenth century, so the Dubrovnik Senate approved the commencement of building in 1670. Because the bequest was not sufficient either for building or for later support of the convent and its nuns, the government of the city, together with the
prestigious Confraternity of St Anthony that brought together Dubrovnik merchants, pledged part of their annual incomes towards that purpose. As well as securing finances for the convent, it was also necessary to obtain a permit from the Holy Congregation of Bishops and Monastics, to establish the convent and to transfer two nuns from the Benedictine monastery of St Mary. In the absence of Dominican nuns in the Dubrovnik regions, these two Benedictines were supposed to assist in the early days of the new convent. Once the permits had been obtained, the Archbishop of Dubrovnik continued with the canonical establishment of the new monastery. On 7 February 1706 the two Benedictine nuns arrived from their previous establishment and first novices were admitted. The monastery remained active until 1808 when the Napoleonic government closed all the monastic institutions.

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monastery; nuns; Dominicans; St Catherine; Dubrovnik

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