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Sea captains of Senj and their navigation in the Adriatic in the mid-eighteenth century

Vedran Klaužer

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This essay focuses on the navigational activities of sea captains from the town of Senj in the mid-eighteenth century. Firstly, relevant archival sources and literature have been used to construct a list of sea captains from Senj. Then, in accordance with the results of the list and definition of sea captains from Senj, the author explains their maritime activities and the types of ships they commanded. This
analysis reveals that, in addition to sea captains, many ship owners from Senj commanded their own ships. This fact is a testimony to their valuable maritime experience and knowledge. The essay also presents an overview of merchandise that was transported on ships from Senj in the mid-eighteenth century, as well as destinations and maritime routes, with a mention of the most significant Mediterranean ports where Senj ships docked. All of this indicates an intense navigational activity of Senj sea captains and ship owners. To discuss the everyday life and events during these sails, in the final part of the essay the author uses archival sources to describe typical events (pirate attacks, shipwrecks) reflecting the hard and precarious daily life of the eighteenth-century seafarers.

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navigation in the Adriatic; Senj; sea captains; 18th century; sailboats

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