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Gente di mare della nazione bochese: tartans of Boka and the 1766 Venetian naval military intervention in Africa

Lovorka Čoralić
Maja Katušić

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str. 283-310

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The main goal of this essay is to analyse the composition of the crew of five armed tartans of Boka that were recruited following the orders of the Venetian Senate in 1766, to participate in a military intervention against Tripoli pirates. The essay is based on archival sources kept in the Archivio di Stato di Venezia (the collection of the magistrates of the Venetian navy, Provveditori all’Armar). In the introduction, we summarize developmental components of seafaring in Boka Kotorska in the eighteenth century, discuss factors that enabled fast development of urban settlements in Boka, and emphasize the role of the residents of Boka in the Venetian navy. In the main part of the essay we analyse in detail all data relevant for the establishment and composition of tartans that were commanded by captains from Perast, Dobrota and Prčanj. We discuss the armament (especially artillery) of tartans, crew numbers, officer and midshipman ranks, specialized ship offices (physicians, scribes, procurement clerks, craftsmen, chaplains), native towns/villages of the crew (mostly in Boka) as well as their salaries. The final part of the article contains full transcriptions of crew registers of five tartans from Boka in 1766.

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Boka Kotorska; Republic of Venice; Dobrota; Prčanj; Perast; maritime history; military history; Venetian navy; eighteenth century

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