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Confining the Plague in Northern Adriatic Ports: Comparison Between Venetian Istria and Austrian Littoral in the Eighteenth Century

Urška Železnik

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The article reviews several measures and apparatus for systematic prevention of infectious diseases, especially the plague, in the eighteenth century endangering the Northern and Eastern Adriatic for the last time. Th is area was politically divided between the Habsburg Monarchy and the Republic of Venice, each of which in their own way, but also concordantly, implemented sanitary control over maritime and land transport.Although historical studies usually address only one state health policy at a time, the author believes that paralleling the Venetian and Habsburg defence against infectious diseases in the area is necessary. The vivacious maritime trade in both states encouraged a focus on the maritime health on one hand, but also on the anti-plague control in the hinterland of coastal towns on the other. These issues are thus examined within the politico-economic context of the struggle for primacy over the maritime trade aft er the introduction of the free ports.

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plague; Adriatic; Venetians; Habsburgs; maritime health; cordons; lazarettos; eighteenth century

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