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[The influence of chelating effect on human dentin]

Dinko Blažić ; Zavod za dentalnu patologiju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Zoran Azinović ; Zavod za dentalnu patologiju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Marjan Tudja ; Ro Centar za istraživanje i razvoj Chromos, Zagreb

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A short presentation is made, by way of introduction, of the chelating phenomenon and its application in endodontic therapy. The objective of the study was to detect, using scanning electron microscopy, structural changes in the circumpulpar dentin and to ascertain the differences in the reliefs of dentin surfaces in microphotographs following manual tretment and following mechanico-chemical treatment and additional rinsing of the root canal. A detailed examination of 32 sam.ples revealed that the chelating agent had elicited marked changes in the appearance of circumpulpar dentin. Enlargement of the root canal by manual instruments alone does not afford a through cleaning oif the endodontic space, while mechanico-chemical treatment (reamer plus chelating agent) and alternating rinsing with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and distilled water gives good results. Since in this way the softened circumpulpar dentin is removed, dentin becomes more permeable to drugs and the root canal is better prepared for obturation.

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circumpulpar dentin; chelating agent

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