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The Choice of Tooth Form for Removable Dentures

Lejla Ibrahimagić
Vjekoslav Jerolimov
Asja Čelebić

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Different methods for the choice of artificial teeth for complete dentures are described in this study. The first known theory, based upon Hippocrates division of human temperaments into neurotic, sanquinic, biliar and asthenic types dates from the last century and says that the teeth form should be chosen according to a person's temperament. The temperament theory was replaced by Leon Williams geometric theory (at the beginning of this century) which correlates tooth form and face shape. According to Williams the shape of upper central incisor is in accordance with the shape of the face, i.e., central upper incisor is reduced and rotated facial form. The Williams theory is the most famous theory in the world, which is mentioned in almost all of the textbooks. The first theory after Williams on the choice of artificial teeth for removable dentures was the dentogenic theory of Frush and Fisher, i.e. SPA theory (sex, personality, age). The choice of artificial teeth relied on sex, personality and age, as women have smaller second upper incisors than men, stronger personalities have more pronounced canines and older populations have darker and more abrasive teeth than younger populations, which should be considered during the teeth choice. Other theories are as follows: the theory of aesthetic triangle which correlates tooth shape, face form and residual ridge form; the theory of individual preferences; the theory which recommends the use of old photographs, teeth which are extracted or plaster casts made before extraction, the theory which calculates the width and the length of the central upper incisors from old photographs, etc. However, the importance of the tooth setting and the possibility of reshaping the teeth during setting and contouring of artificial gingiva is also mentioned in the paper.

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artificial teeth choice; full dentures

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