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New Media and the Crowdsourcing of Politics: The Strange Case of Dr. Berlusconi and Mr. Grillo

Inoslav Bešker orcid id ; Alma mater studiorum Sveučilište u Bologni, Italija

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The main Italian populist politicians, Silvio Berlusconi and Beppe Grillo, ensured their successes in parliamentary elections in 2013 combining a skilful use of electronic media with classical mass rallies,
avoiding debates with competitors, and shunning journalists. The message of both Grillo and Berlusconi is characterized by populism, anti-party attitudes, demonization of opponents and an approach to the public and to politics focused on the leader. Although Grillo and Casaleggio emphasize their MoVement’s use of Internet as a direct democracy, claiming that the MoVements politics is created in equal measure by all the members, in a kind of a crowdsourcing, Grillo’s messages remain mostly unidirectional directives, more appropriate to a dictatorial than to a democratic discourse.

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new media, politics, crowdsourcing, populism, Italy, Grillo, Berlusconi

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