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Herbartian theory of education – an original pedagogical paradigm

Marko Palekčić ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu Odsjek za pedagogiju

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The introductory part of the article suggests some important characteristic of the current condition of pedagogy as a discipline and implies that one of the key reasons for such a condition is the lack of native language terminology and theoretical pedagogical approaches. The author introduces Herbart’s theory of education, taken as an example of an original pedagogical paradigm, by (1) outlining Herbart’s understanding of pedagogy in relation to other disciplines and emphasizing the significance of the original pedagogical terminology, or terminology in the native language; (2) by pointing to a common line of thought existing among the pedagogy scholars and practitioners as evidenced by the systematic overview of basic terminology in General pedagogy. Derived from the purpose of education; (3) by briefly describing Herbart’s theory of education, both generally and in the context of the purpose of education; and ending by (4) ‘Instead of a conclusion: what kind of future is pedagogy facing? Herbart’s systematic thought today’. The basic result of these (preliminary) explorations suggests that Herbart’s theory of education emerges as an original pedagogical paradigm with a rich cognitive, empirical and pragmatic potential with respect to the difficulties facing the contemporary pedagogy as a theory and as practice.

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Herbart’s theory of education, paradigm, pedagogical science, the present and the future of pedagogy

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