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Methodical style and teaching tact as an encouragement to pupils’ creativity

Renata Jukić ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku Odsjek za pedagogiju

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Creativity as a psychological, social, but also a pedagogical phenomenon has an exceptionally positive impact on the development of a child’s entire personality. The greatest disadvantage of traditional teaching methods lies in the insufficient activity of pupils, a preference for the cognitive development of a pupil’s personality, and a deficiency of teaching strategies. This kind of teaching does not support or develop higher mental processes, or the pupil’s creativity. The fundamental didactic assumption for creative activity in schools is teachers’ aptitude and a readiness of the school to employ creativity. The question posed in this paper is what teacher competencies and social-methodical contacts encourage „warm and creative” environment, and what can make educational situations flippant, socially inefficient or impermissible in the name of methodical freedom and creativity. Methodically competent teacher, whose approach springs from their knowledge, skills and experience and is combined with their individuality (which is not a result of spontaneous maturing but is a guided process) and their attitude towards the pupils based on the respect for human dignity (which can be defined as tact), ensures a stimulating environment for the pupil that will encourage the development of creativity. Taking into account the insights from psychology, sociology and pedagogy, we will not see creativity as exclusively innate phenomenon, but as a skill that can be studied and better understood, identified and augmented, and then transferred and used as a basis for identifying the „tools” that can enrich the work of every teacher. Taking into consideration the demands of modern pedagogy and the times in which we live, it is necessary to start curriculum reforms respecting the context of the global social and educational reforms, to make educational procedures that support creativity operational, and to include the said patterns into the curriculum of social competencies.

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curriculum, creativity, teacher competencies, methodical style, teaching tact

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