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Some highlights of relationship between Church and politics in the light of conciliar and post-conciliar theological thought as criticism and corrective

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Politics in modern culture and plural society is struck by deep crisis, especially her roots. These are moral and ethical crisis, consequently crisis of truth and good. Politics is no longer found nor is it perceived in categories of truth and good in itself, but in categories of acceptability or unacceptability, desirability or undesirability and all that under the cloak of democracy and its fundamental principles. It is completely clear that this kind of political awareness and mentality leads to ethical relativism and moral scepticism in which comes to re-evaluation of axiological scale of values and this leads to disrespect of man and its principal human rights and dignities. In the name of democracy, it is not conducted, in the name of freedom, it is taken, in the name of human rights, it is not respected. The Church on The Second Vatican Council has spoken about autonomy of terrestrial values, and also about politics. It has become more aware of how much politics is in the service of the common good and how significant is her role in potentiating the right to freedom, especially the right to freedom of religion. But politics that is not conducted by moralethical principles, not only that it is not in the service of common good, but acts devastating and disastrous on society and human individual and so easily is transferred in a form of totalitarianism. Christians who live and act in the world are invited to ennoble modern politics and by testimony of faith to carry into her and by her, in which the most responsible are after all that political, pleads even the modern post-conciliar theology.

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The Second Vatican Council, democracy, ethical relativism, politics, political theology

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