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Artificial insemination in Judaism

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This article analyses one of the most delicate issues in the field of Jewish Medical Ethics, the question of Artificial insemination. In the spectrum of Jewish Law and Medicine, this is probably one of the most practical and popular question. Before going to the practical and legal debate, the author is discussing the principal and theoretical issues of Relationship between Science (Medicine) and Halacha as well the question of Human Intervention in the Affairs of God in Judaism. The work is analysing the main possible scenarios of Artificial insemination, which are based on the source of the sperm that can come from the husband, from a donor who is Jewish, non-Jew and a Sperm Bank. Etch scenario arises its own halahik specific problems. This work is analysing this question through many sources of Rabbinical literature from the Talmud time through the middle ages until modern time, literature that for the first time is being translated to the Croatian language by the author from Hebrew and Aramaic.

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Artificial insemination, Husband, Donor, Talmud, Halaha

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