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Traditional Homage to St. Appolonia in the Franciscan Order of the Province of St. Cyril and Methodius

Dora Najžar-Flegar
Silvana Jukić
Emin Neziri
Irina Filipović-Zore
Ivana Miletić

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The object of the study was to investigate where and in what way iconography and homage to St. Appolonia, patron saint of the dental profession, can be found in the Franciscan province of St. Cyril and Methodius.
The study included 30 monasteries and counties and data were collected by means of a questionnaire, electronic communication and the exhibition "Peace and Goodwill" in Zagreb. The material was analysed in tables and by photo-documentation. Nine altar statues and one altar painting of St. Appolonia are situated in 9 (30%) of the Franciscan churches investigated. The churches are mainly situated in north-west Croatia, which is a result of the socio-political and organisational influence of Central Europe in these areas. Iconographically the figures of St. Appolonia conform to the distinctive iconography of the Roman Catholic Church and include an element of local influence. The sculptures are made in wood, polychromed and gold plated. They range in height from 100 to 184 cm. A painting, oil on canvas, measures 254 x 142 cm. All the figures of St. Appolonia are on altars, indicating that the saint is very highly revered and homage to her is permanently firmly established in the spiritual tradition of the Franciscan Order.

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St. Appolonia, Franciscan Order, Croatia

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