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Craniofacial Variations in a South Dalmatian Population

Zdenka Radović
Želimir Muretić
Vera Nemirovskij
Vesna Gaži-Čoklica

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The aim of the investigation was to determine the mean values of selected craniofacial and gnathometric parameters and to evaluate the distribution of basic craniofacial types and subjects from the south Dalmatian region. The object was to record eventual variations on the basis of comparison with a comparable sample from north Croatia. The investigation was carried out on 100 subjects of both sexes, aged between 18 and 30 years from the south Dalmatian region. The findings for 200 homologous subjects according to sex and age from north Croatia were used for comparison of results. Customary anthropometric procedure was used to measure twelve variables, on the basis of which indexes for the head, face, forehead and palate were calculated. In the examined population, the results showed that according to the head index values mesocephalia predominated, and for the facial indeks leptoprosopia, while in the north Croatian population, brachycephalia and euriprosopia were most common. The mean value for the head index indicated a lower, wider forehead, and according to palate height index, a high palate was predominate in the subjects from the south Dalmatian region.

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craniofacial indexes, gnathometrics

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