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Internal Resorption, Therapy and Filling

Greta Škaljac-Staudt
Marina Katunarić
Marija Ivić-Kardum

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Internal resorption is the resorption of dentin which starts in the pulpal cavity either in the pulpal chamber or in the root canal. The autors describe many etiological factor but agree that its most frequent cause is either infection or trauma. These disorders initiative inflammatory response in the pulpal tissue. Disorders in vascularization can be seen in the production of granulation tissue and transformation of macrofagus similar cells from the mesenchymal tissue into multinuclear odontoclasts. With the formation of odontoclasts, which are similaar to osteoclasts, the resorption process can begin.
Resorption process is diagnosed either during routine Rtg photography or if there is extensive resorption present and the perforation has been formed. Internal resorption can be fasr accelerating, and in some case slow accelerating and it can last for years. After diagnosis, the endodontic treatment is essential in all forms of internal resorption. Therapy of the internal resorption is divided in: 1. non surgical; 2. recalcification with calcium hydroxide; 3. surgical therapy. The choice of therapy is determined by the inclination of stomatologist and the extension and position of the pathological defect.
The internal resorption therapy relates to final filling of root canal and the filling of resorption defect. Defect of the internal resorption is filled by method of lateral and vertical condensation and in the combination with a method of heated vertical condensation.
The further rocess of internal resorption is interrupted if the filling is properly done, and therapy itself is considered successful when Rtg photography control taken after one year does not show any progression of the resorption process.

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tissue resorption, granular tissue, dentinoclasts

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