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Temporomandibular Joint Disorder in an Otalgia Patient

Tomislav Badel
Josip Pandurić
Miljenko Marotti
Lovko Kocijan

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Often wrong judgment of unspecifi c otological symptoms, caused by some types of temporomandibular disorders, is based on the connection in the embryonic development of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and the ear. This is a report of a female patient who was previously treated by the ear-nose-throat specialist because of otalgia, but it was concluded that she had some TMJ pathology. Clinical examination and magnet resonance of the TMJs confi rmed anterior slide of the disc. Since the patient has fi ve-year-old complete dentures, new ones were fabricated. The symptoms recede, and for the patient the most important thing was that the pain disappeared. With regards to her age, acquired anodontia and impossible restitutio ad integrum treatment, she was instructed how to support the painless functional status of her masticatory system.

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temporomandibular joint disorders; magnetic resonance; earache; anxiety; dentures

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