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An attempt to predict quality changes in a ten-component granular system

Jolanta B. Krolczyk ; Department of Agricultural and Forest Technology, Opole University of Technology, 5 Mikolajczyka Street, 45-271 Opole, Poland

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The paper presents an attempt to predict quality changes in a ten-component non-homogeneous granular system during mixing carried out on the mixing line in the following unit: a feed mixer, an intake hopper and a bucket conveyor. The mixing process was conducted with additional external recirculation of the components through the bucket conveyor. The attempt was made based on the knowledge on the course of quality changes in time for the mixture consisting of nine components, eleven components and twelve components. The modelling was conducted in two stages: in the first stage the quality of granular mixtures was determined with the use of the residual sum of squares, in the second stage variables were modelled by means of nonlinear regression. Dependent variable was a residual sum of squares, whereas independent variables were: number of components and mixing time. Two-dimensional dependency was described by square function.

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bulk density, modelling, multi-component mixture, vertical mixer

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