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Vesna Svalina ; Sveučilište Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku, Učiteljski fakultet u Osijeku, Hrvatska

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The paper presents action research that was conducted with students of first and second grades of primary music school. The study dealt with the question of improving classroom practices by encouraging children's musical creativity in the solfeggio lessons. This paper presents part of research in which we dealt with involving students in music making activities which concerned on the melody (the creation of short melody, complete started melody, varying melodies, creating a melody on a given text, improvising melody questions and answers).
The obtained results showed that children like to engage in music making activities. In terms of activities in the melody, we concluded that it was much better when we combined individual and group performance than when the melodic improvisations performed exclusively in the form of individual activities. This provides better connectivity improvised melodies and better focus students' attention. It is important that students develop a sense of logical movement of melody and it is therefore necessary to give priority sung melodic improvisations. These improvisations can play in overcoming any intonation problems with tasks that must be commensurate with the current capabilities of students. Improvised fragment should be as short as possible. They can be gradually extended only when students enough acquire such activities. It would be good if students often performed improvised melody because it can be much longer to deal with determining the intonation. This activity wouldn't quickly become tedious as it is in the case when the intonation practiced exclusively with reproductive activities.

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creativity; music making activities; melody improvisation; primary school children; solfeggio lessons

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