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Frequency of early postoperative restenosis after carotid artery thrombendarterectomy

Aldo Ivančić ; Klinika za kirurgiju, KBC Rijeka, Rijeka
Igor Saftić ; Klinika za kirurgiju, KBC Rijeka, Rijeka
Davor Primc ; Klinika za kirurgiju, KBC Rijeka, Rijeka
David Bonifačić ; Klinika za neurologiju, KBC Rijeka, Rijeka

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Aim: To determine the percentage of postoperative restenosis frequency on an annual level after the operative treatement of the high-percent carotid artery stenosis, and to compare the data with recent literature. Subject and methods: Data was obtained by analysing ear- ly postoperative Colour Duplex Doppler control tests, which were performed two weeks after thrombendarterectomy of carotid vesells in the Laboratory of cerebrovascular diseases, Neurology clinic, Clinical hospital centre Rijeka on 104 patients treated at the Thoracovascular insti- tute, Surgery clinic, Clinical hospital centre Rijeka in the year 2012. Results: In a group of 104 treated patients, because of high-percent stenosis of internal carotid artery there was an evi- dent restenotic process without neurological symptoms in the early postoperative stages in 11 patients (10,5 %). With additional follow-up care of our patients after 3 and 6 monts, the level of restenotic proces did not increase in 8 patients, but in 3 (29 %) of our patients there was an evident increase of restenosis and they were treated with stenting procedure. Conclusions: Carotid thrombendarterectomy is a routine operative procedure in our Thoracovascular institute, and has been performed for many years. Fortunately, the frequency of postoperative resteno- sis is small but not unusual, and with adequate drugs support is almost never fatal and treatable if needed. Numerous authors have also reported a certain percentage of postoperative restenosis of internal carotid artery. With frequent ultrasound controls, postoperative restenotic process can be discovered in time, which can be of hemodinamic importance in neurological patients. A good cooperation between all subspecialistic teams involved in the assessment of cerebrovascular stroke is of great importance for accomplishing good clinical results in prevention and treatement of neurological incidents.

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atherosclerosis, carotid artery, cerebrovascular accident, color Doppler ultra- sonography

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