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Genealogical Analysis of the Ragusan Patriciate with the Assistance of the Pajek Computer Program

Polona Dremelj
Andrej Mrvar
Vladimir Batagelj

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str. 105-126

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Using the Pajek computer program, the authors analyse Irmgard Mahnken’s genealogies of the Ragusan patriciate in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, including 5999 individuals. The authors focus on marriages up to the third degree of consanguinity according to the canonical law, marriages with a considerable age difference between partners, and cross-sibling marriages which were most likely the result of arranged marriages, most prevalent among the largest and most powerful patrician houses. A marriage involving first cousins has been traced as the closest consanguineous link between spouses in the period investigated. The findings point to a very high index of in-marriage among the Ragusan patriciate, the reasons for which could be found in the isolated position of Dubrovnik and a relatively restricted marriage pool.

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