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Development of material removal function in atmospheric pressure plasma jet machining processing

Yanfu Zhang ; Center for precision Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology
Bo Wang
Huiliang Jin
Shen Dong

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str. 103-108

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The removal function is one of the key factors in achieving ultra-precision machining results by computer controlled optic surface principle. In the atmospheric pressure plasma jet machining process,the distribution of active radicals on the workpiece surface is one of the major factors that affect the removal function. However, the distribution of jet pressure on the workpiece surface affects the distribution of active radicals. The pressure distribution of the plasma jet effluent on the workpiece surface has been simulated according to jet theory. The spatial density distribution of active radicals is measured with atomic emission spectroscopy. The results show that there is a relationship between the activeradical distribution and the jet pressure distribution. Finally, based onexperimental data, the material removal function model has been developed by curve fitting, and in this model, the reactive gas flux and the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece is defined/calculated/obtained by the parametersof the removal function.

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atmospheric pressure plasma, atomic emission spectroscopy, removal function model, curve fit

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