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Effect of pre-quenching and pre-normalization on microstructures and mechanical properties of 40Cr steel after zero-time-holding quenching

Anming Li ; henan polytechnic university

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Pre-quenchingand pre-normalization are selected as pre-treatment processes. Microstructures, the tensile strengthand hardness of zero-time-holding quenched 40Cr steel with differentpre-treatment are investigated. The results show that the zero-time-holding40Cr steel quenched by pre-quenching is fine martensite and exhibits highertensile strength and hardness than that with pre-normalization. The mechanical properties of the zero-time-holding 40Cr steel quenched by pre-quenching are better than that with pre-normalization. The effect of pre-treatment on the mechanical properties of zero-time-holding quenched 40Cr steel becomes prominent when the zero-time-holding quenching temperature decreases. The mechanical properties of zero-time-holding 40Cr steel quenched at 860-890℃ can be improved with austenite inverse transformation.

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pretreatment process, quenching, zero-time-holding, mechanical properties

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