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Observations on an H-shaped dinoflagellate. An example of the projection of body extensions in gymnodiniacean cells

F Gomez

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Little is known about the morphological versatility of the unarmoured dinoflagellates. The morphology of an unarmoured dinoflagellate with a distinctive H-shaped contour is described from sub-surface waters of the Strait of Gibraltar (NEAtlantic) and the northern Philippine Sea (NW Pacific). The cell body was slightly hexagonal with two rounded-tip
apical arms and two antapical sharp-pointed horns. Acarina with a straight groove was located between the two apical arms. The cingulum was excavated, with a descending displacement of more than one-half body length and had an overhang. A round nucleus was located in the left hyposome. These forms may correspond to a gymnodiniacean cell that is able to project body extensions under unfavourable environmental conditions.

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Gyrodinium; Karenia; dinoflagellate; Dinophyceae; phytoplankton; microalgae; Atlantic; Pacific

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