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The Literary Heritage of Marko Bruerević in Four Languages

Slavica Stojan

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str. 185-199

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Marko Bruerević, or Marc Bručre Desrivaux, an interesting figure and one of the most outstanding poets of the close of the eighteenth century, contributed substiantially to the development of plurilingualism in Croatian literature. Contrarily, most of his poetic work, diverse in themes and poetic interests, is still in manuscript. This particularly concerns his works in Latin and Italian, as well as his verse translations of the Latin classics and the Croatian Latinists into Croatian. Being well acquainted with the details of the Dubrovnik milieu, his Croatian verse contains the elements of both literary and cultural tradition. Although French, Bruerević completely accustomed himself to Dubrovnik’s local way of life and customs, becoming the most characteristic exponent of Croatian literature and the Croatian in the struggle against the domination of foreign national cultures. Bruerević’s literary production reveals his affection for the Croatian language, and Croatia’s literary heritage in Croatian and Latin.

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