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Predrag Dotlić ; Centar za poduzetništvo Osijek
Aleksandar Erceg ; Saponia d.d., Osijek

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str. 105-122

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Lean thinking states minimization of resource amount that are used in different company activities and includes identifying and elimination of activities that do not add value. Lean thinking philosophy includes principles and practice of cost cutting through “waste” elimination and simplifying all companies’ activities. There are seven traditional wastes and more than ten different tools for their elimination. In reaching lean thinking philosophy there are five main steps that mark life cycle or lean production. Lean thinking and lean thinking philosophy allow companies to be better, faster, their products and/or
services cheaper, and more attractive to their buyers. Transition from “normal” to lean company is not simple and one-time activity. It is ongoing work for company’s business efficiency improvement.
Paper consists from two parts. In first part definitions and theoretical frame of lean thinking is given, while in the second part we gave an example of lean operations implementation in Croatia and how lean operations can influence on improving efficiency of company.

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lean production, operations management, waste, lean thinking tools

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