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Risk Social Behaviour of Adolescents in the Context of their Peers

Marina Đuranović ; Osnovna škola Okučani, Okučani

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This paper aims to detect the forms of risky social behaviour that young people manifest in the context of their peers, as well as to determine whether there is a gender (sex) difference regarding the prevalence of the aforementioned behaviours. The data on risky behaviour of adolescents in the context of their peers has been gathered through a questionnaire and the sample consisted of all third grade students in general high schools in Sisak and Moslavina County. The results of the research have shown that cheating on exams (tests) is the most frequent form of risky social behaviour which adolescents manifest in the context of their peers, and that risky behaviour on the Internet (including gambling) and physical aggression are the characteristics of the male gender. The importance of such research is in the creation of the real picture of the existing problems in order to create good-quality preventive programmes which would influence young people.

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peers; adolescence; adolescent; risky social behaviour

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