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Dina Rendulić ; Dječji vrtić „Maslačak“, Zaprešić
Joško Sindik ; Institut za antropologiju, Zagreb
Sanda Čorak ; Institut za turizam, Zagreb

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In Croatia, judo is a relatively new and sport and less
popular sport, in comparison to the majority of other
sports. Women in Croatian judo, as compared to men, are
numerically under-represented in all age categories. The
aim of the study was to determine the reasons and factors
of less practicing judo judoka at certain ages , but also a
modest share of the management functions .
Semi-structured interviews with nine judoka were
conducted, members of the judo clubs in Zagreb and
Zagreb County, asking them with 11 open-ended
questions. In addition to the qualitative analysis of
responses, the results were compared with partially
comparable study of Canadian women's rugby:
similarities and differences are explained by comparing
the cultural characteristics and the characteristics of these
two distinctly different types of sports.
The results show that in addition to their own
interest, the influence of family members is the main
underlying motive to start practicing judo in Croatian
judoka. Among the positive aspects of judo (which
dominated over the negative ones), the most important are
the social aspects, while among the negative aspects, the
danger of injury is the most emphasized. Perceived gender
stereotypes are important barriers fro engaging in judo,
while a small number of judoka expressed readiness for
going abroad (out of Croatia). Financial conditions are the
most important factor which women wanted to change in
the future of women's judo .
The differences between Croatian judoka and
Canadian rugby athletes are interpreted as differences in
the types of sports, but also with the specific position of
women in two different countries. Based on these results,
it is possible to conceive a more comprehensive
qualitative and quantitative research , but also to create
effective programs to motivate women to practice judo
and to persevere in it, as competitors, recreational athletes
or sport professionals.

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barriers, judo in Croatia, rugby, social aspects, gender stereotypes

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