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Spirituality experience of members in charismatic congregations

Anita Dučkić
Slavica Blaženka Kokorić orcid id

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The paper deals with the concept of spirituality and its’ influence on personal and family life shaping among the members of charismatic congregations. Introduction describes different processes that include the post-modern societies and in some segments the Croatian traditionally modern society as well (secularization, the revitalization of religiosity, spiritual pluralism, new ecclesial movements).
Terms of religiosity and spirituality are defined in the broad and narrow sense. The charismatic movement is also briefly introduced in the context of Christian spirituality. The main focus of the paper is on the results of a qualitative research. The goal of the research is to gain insight the personal and family spirituality of the charismatic communities’ members. The survey was conducted by in-depth semi-structured interviews with 12 participants. Six persons were members of charismatic prayer groups »Maranatha« and six were members of the charismatic community “Good Shepherd”.
The results show that spirituality has a great importance in personal and family life of the charismatic community. Through intensive religious practice in everyday life, participants testify about the authentic spiritual experiences and about the deeply experienced personal relationship with God.
Participants emphasize that spirituality gives them specific personal understanding of the reality that shapes their identity and life meaning perception. Also spirituality gives them hope in difficult moments, encourages them for giving a concrete help and commitment for others. Joint religious beliefs and values, common maintenance of religious practice in family, and active participation in the charismatic community life, contribute to strengthening the cohesion and togetherness within their families.

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personal spirituality, the spirituality of the family, members of the charismatic community

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